How to Optimize your Paid Ads

Yellowtree Paid Ads

Yellowtree was established with a very basic idea in mind i.e. All Your Needs Under Yellowtree. 

The online store is a one-stop shopping destination for all your domestic needs.


Monthly Revenue


Monthly Orders


Average ROAS


The Challenge

Yellowtree was a new entrant into the e-commerce market and needed a partner that would help them launch their online store while getting customers and driving revenue.

The Solution

This is where Digitorm came into the picture.

We ran social media advertisements to drive initial sales for the brand. These ads were targeted towards Yellowtree’s specific market but would also serve the purpose of finding a winning product for the brand.

We identified multiple winning products for the brand and scaled campaigns accordingly.

The Story Now.

5th month of operations:
Monthly revenue $60,000+
ROAS 300%+
Average Order Value increase by over 140%

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